500 million years of diverse land
The Sanriku area is engraved with a history of about 500 million years. You can enjoy the diverse landscape of uplift and erosion of the earth.

The grace of Rias and the work of the terrace
The Rias coast is characterized by a coastal line where the bay and the bay are repeated in the deep cleavage formed by rivers and the like, which the ocean entered. The maritime terraces are characterized by the flat sea floor that was once in the corner of the beach, the topography and cliffs that appeared on the ground due to earth uplift and sea level change continued, and the coastline became linear. 

Only one ecosystem
Look at Only One in diverse ecosystems, such as nurturing a community of sub-alpine plants by unique species such as peculiar geology and rocks “”Hayashinusuyukiyo”” and “”ridiculous”” which is a severe climatic condition can do.

Rich underground resources
Kuji Amber boasts one of the top producers in the country, Kizen gold that supported the golden culture of Hiraizumi, Katashi who started the “”Tatara Ironmaking”” widely in Sanriku and built the cornerstone of modern ironworks of Japan, Sanriku A rich resource group has supported local culture and industry.

The history and symbiosis of the tsunami
Oki earthquake is a frequent area of earthquake / tsunami disaster accompanying the subduction of the Pacific plate, memories of the occurrence of the tsunami are left also in the ancient strata. Sanriku is a field that can communicate wisdom and lessons coexisting with tsunami disasters.