Mt hayachine mountain
It is made of serpentine rock, etc. about 470 million years ago, and alpine plants unique to Hayake Ike pond, such as “”Hayashinusuyousu”” which is designated as a nation-designated special natural monument are growing.

Big pot · Foldstone
In the southeastern part of the Karakura Peninsula, “”giant ka”” and “”fossilite”” are formed of limestone and marble about 26000 years ago.

You can see the complex strata of sand and mud of about 250 million years ago.

It is the first dinosaur fossil discovered in Japan in 1978 from a stratum that was deposited in shallow waters about 110 million years ago. After that, it became a catalyst to lead to the discovery of dinosaur fossils throughout the country.

Magma rising from the basement about 40 million years ago is formed of rocks solidified like a mirror kettle in the ground. Ruffled rocks with cracks can see rocky sharp points due to erosion.

Maritime terrace
The flat ocean floor which was once the beachfront is characterized by the continuation of the cliff by the terrain which appeared on the ground due to the change of the water surface due to climate change and the uplift of the earth after about 2.6 million years ago and the coastline becomes linear is.”